Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thank you to Business in Blue Jeans, and Susan Baroncini-Moe

I have had a busy month of learning, doing and planning. We planted a huge garden and are tending to it daily. We have two new puppies and two new kitties. We had a huge two day party for Alex and Donovan's birthdays and our eighth wedding anniversary. Lots of stuff for me to do that has NOTHING to do with my business. :) So I have been ignoring my blog. Until today.

I noticed yesterday that I was left award and mention on septembermom's blog. I missed it and I sincerely thank her for recognizing me and my blog. Please take time to check her out, as she has a great blog.

Today, I had the pleasure of having Susan Baroncini-Moe of Business in Blue Jeans visit my page. I am looking forward to purchasing some of her awesome products and getting her e-zines in my box. She is a very interesting lady and has a beautiful family, as I learned on her facebook page.

I hope to work with her in the near future, so that my business can take flight. It is very motivating to find out that such fine, successful people, such as Susan, take time to read unknown blogs and are truly interested in helping out. Again, thanks to Susan, today, for motivating and rekindling my desire to move forward.



Saturday, May 2, 2009

The MetroMom Summit Totally Rocked!!

Hello All,

I'm taking a break from my story-telling to give thanks and kudo's to a very special lady, Kim DeYoung, founder of

For two days, Kim was the hostess of a two day twenty-four hour live summit to help entrepreneurial women learn how to make the most out of their time and their business. The tips ranged from how to manage your family responsibilities so that you have more time for your business to how to find and delegate other responsibilities to a Virtual Assistant. She had many industry specialists as guest speakers and they should all be recognized and thanked as well. They all did a suburb job in giving out this valuable information.

Jennifer Haubein, Michele PW, Jennifer Odear, Caleb Scoville, Wendy Maynard, Alicia Forest, Amy Miyamoto, Nancy Marmolejo, Shannon Cherry, Ty Downing, Beth Schneider, Jennifer Haubein, Erin Blaskie, Debbye Cannon, Laura West, Victoria Colligan, Gina Bell and Traci Long.

Before this summit, I was struggling to make sense of my business goals and didn't have a clear vision. I had an "Aha" moment today during a call from her summit and I found clarity and vision. I just want to thank Kim and let others know that they should check out and follow @TheMetroMom on Twitter. She has a wealth of knowledge and is very generous in her desire to help other women succeed in these times of uncertainty.

Thank you Kim DeYoung, for all of your hard work. I look forward to working with you more in the near future.