Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thank you to Business in Blue Jeans, and Susan Baroncini-Moe

I have had a busy month of learning, doing and planning. We planted a huge garden and are tending to it daily. We have two new puppies and two new kitties. We had a huge two day party for Alex and Donovan's birthdays and our eighth wedding anniversary. Lots of stuff for me to do that has NOTHING to do with my business. :) So I have been ignoring my blog. Until today.

I noticed yesterday that I was left award and mention on septembermom's blog. I missed it and I sincerely thank her for recognizing me and my blog. Please take time to check her out, as she has a great blog.

Today, I had the pleasure of having Susan Baroncini-Moe of Business in Blue Jeans visit my page. I am looking forward to purchasing some of her awesome products and getting her e-zines in my box. She is a very interesting lady and has a beautiful family, as I learned on her facebook page.

I hope to work with her in the near future, so that my business can take flight. It is very motivating to find out that such fine, successful people, such as Susan, take time to read unknown blogs and are truly interested in helping out. Again, thanks to Susan, today, for motivating and rekindling my desire to move forward.



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  1. You have so much on your plate! Good for you that you can juggle everything:) Any month full of learning and planning is worth all the time and energy. Hope all continues to go well.